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Perception, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Eyewitness accounts, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Eyewitness identification, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Recollection (Psychology), Sex differences, Sex differences (Psychology), Shyness Scale, Brief Fear Of Negative Evaluation Scale, Emotion Regulation Questionnaire, Richmond Humor Assessment Questionnaire, Aspects Of Identity Questionnaire

Witness and co-witness gender and misinformation as related to eyewitness memory

African American students, Education, Maryland, Sociological aspects, Teachers, Maryland, Attitudes, Gifted children, Education, Maryland, School administrators, Maryland, Attitudes, Blacks, Educational Programs, Gifted, School Retention, Teacher Attitudes, Perception

Educator perceptions regarding the identification and retention of African American students in gifted education programs

Principals, Administrator attitudes, Organizational communication, School administration, Interprofessional relationship, Preferences, Interpersonal communication, Surveys, Perception, Scientific Communication

Principals' perceptions of methods of receiving professional communications

School administrators, Psychology, Self-efficacy, Management Personnel, Leadership, School Administrators, Teaching, Perception, General Self-Efficacy Scale (1995)

School administrators' perceptions of self-efficacy as instructional leaders and school managers while administering mandated assessments and analyzing data

Leadership Style, Perception, Rural Environments, School Superintendents, Schools, Educational Measurement, Transformational Leadership, Governance, Rural Areas, Job Performance, Boards of Education, Rural Schools, Organizational Cultural, Likert Scales, Administrative Attitudes, Conflict, Power Structure, Mail Surveys, Demography, Satisfaction, Misconceptions, Accountability, Statical Analysis

A descriptive study of superintendents' and school board members' perceptions of the superintendent's leadership in rural districts in three Mid-Atlantic states

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