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Psychoanalytic counseling, Psychometrics, Data processing, Behaviroal assessments, Data processing, automatic text processing, psychotherapy, dissertation abstract

Comparison of verbatim transcripts and psychoanalytic process notes for emotion tone, abstraction, and referential activity using computerized text analysis methods

Personality assessment, Riso Enneagram Type Indicator, Enneagram, Typology (Psychology), Faith development, Psychometrics, Spirituality, Test Reliability, Test Validity

A psychometric evaluation of the Riso-Hudson Type indicator (RHETI), version 2.5

Educational surveys, Methodology, Educational surveys, Design, Teachers, Foreign, In-service training, Educational Programs, Professional Development, Psychometrics, Public School Education, Teachers, Statistical Validity, Teaching

Establishing the validity and reliability of the survey identifying the professional development needs of international teachers

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