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Secondary School Teachers, High Schools, Teacher Attitudes, School Effectiveness, Teacher Collaboration, Core Curriculum, Communities of Practice, School Schedules, Measures (Individuals), Collective Efficacy Theory

The impact of collaborative structures on perceived collective efficacy

Parent-teacher relationships, United States, Parents of children with disabilities, United States, Special education teachers, United States, Parent-teacher relationships, Parents of children with disabilities, Special education teachers, United States, Disabilities, Parents, Role Playing

Dual role

At Risk Populations, Blacks, Ethnography

Little boys lost

Beating the odds to succeed

Teacher Certification, Teacher Role, Standardized Tests, Scores, Principals, Elementary Schools, Elementary Education, Faculty Development, Academic Achievement, Administrator Attitudes

Does the presence of National Board certified teachers make a difference? Examining standardized test scores and the perceptions of principals in Maryland elementary schools

High schools, Business Education Teachers, Secondary School Teachers, Vocational Education Teachers, Faculty Development, Comparative Analysis, Access to Education, Participation, Self Efficacy, Educational Needs

Professional development for high school business educators compared to other career and technology area educators in Maryland: a perception study

Classrooms, Literacy, Mathematics, Aspirations, Parents, Persistence, Schools, Technology

Predictors of student persistence in the stem pipeline

Algebra, High School Education, School Based Intervention, Educational Measurement, Intervention, Special Education, Trends, Scores, Educational Assessment, High School Students

An investigation of three interventions for increasing second-attempt scores on the Maryland algebra/data analysis high school assessment

Catholics, Educational Personnel, Professional Development, College Students

Student affairs personnel as agents of institutional mission at Catholic colleges and universities

African American youth, Education, African American students, Social conditions, Academic achievement, Maryland, Advancement placement programs (Education), Educational equalization, United States, Academic achievement, Educational equalization, Maryland, United States, College Entrance Examination Board, Advanced Placement Program, United States

Advanced placement pioneers

Academic Achievement, Reading, Arts, Students

Closing the achievement gap through arts integration

Curriculum, Engineering Psychology, Mathematics, Mental Rotation, Sciences, Age Differences, Human Sed Differences, Technology, Engineering, STEM Education

Influences on visual spatial rotation

The nontraditional adult learner

AIDS (Disease), Patients, Psychology, AIDS (Disease), Patients, Interviews, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, AIDS (Disease), Patients, Interviews

The lived experience of HIV/AIDS

Grade Level, High School Students, School Retention, Bullying

The role of protective factors on the high school retention of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered students

Perspectives of African Americans in rural Maryland

Guided independent reading practice for elementary children from rural and low-socioeconomic backgrounds and its effect on mitigating summer reading loss

School administrators, Psychology, Self-efficacy, Management Personnel, Leadership, School Administrators, Teaching, Perception, General Self-Efficacy Scale (1995)

School administrators' perceptions of self-efficacy as instructional leaders and school managers while administering mandated assessments and analyzing data

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