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Parental depression and adjustment in children

Identity (Philosophical concept), Spiritual life, Identification (Religion), Psychology and religion, Phenomenology, Meaning, Narratives, Pastoral Counseling, Self-Concept, Narrative Analysis

Exploring a holistic content approach to personal meaning

Mental illness, Public opinion, Schizophrenia, Public opinion, College students, Attitudes, Community Attitudes Toward Mentally Ill Scales, Hyper Gender Ideology Scale, Balanced Inventory of Desirable Responding

College students' attitudes toward those suffering from schizophrenia

Depression, Mental, Religious aspects, Stress (Psychology), Religious aspects, Christian life, Psychological aspects, Mental health and religion, Stress, Depression, Mental, Coping Behavior, Depression (Emotion), Religious Beliefs, Stress

Perceived stress, religious coping styles, and depressive affect

Spirituality, Catholic Church, Terminally ill, Pastoral counseling of, Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint 1491-1556

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola as a spiritual tool for the dying

African American women, Employment, Women, white, Employment, Black people, Race identity, White people, Race identity, Career development, Sex role, Self-efficacy

Racial identity, gender role perception, and self-efficacy

Spiritual life, Psychological aspects, Nuns, Counseling of, Nuns, Mental health, Nuns, Attitudes, Aging, Pastoral counseling, Research, Age Differences, Catholics, Nuns, Spirituality

The impact of spiritual transcendence on the well-being of aging Catholic sisters

Closeted gays, Psychology, Examinations, Sexual orientation, Sexual Orientation Concealment Scale (SOCS), Lesbian and Gay Identity Scale

Development of a sexual orientation concealment scale

Mentoring in education, Religious aspects, Mentoring, Religious aspects, Social justice, Religious aspects

Mentoring as an apparatus for promoting social justice and spirituality

Anxiety in children, Parent and child, Threat (Psychology), Psychology, Pathological, Anxiety

Examining the role of parental psychopathology as a predictor of offspring threat bias

Depression in children, Social skills in children, Socialization, Behavior disorders in children

Childhood depression and externalizing behavior as predictors of social competence

Interfaith marriage, Man-woman relationships, Married people, Religious life, Religious life, Testing, Marriage counseling, Communication in marriage, Religious life, Testing, Germany, Religious life, Testing, United States

The impact of religious orientation on premarital couples

The adequate object of religion

College students, Religious life, Spiritual direction

Guiding college students to discover the voice within

Cancer, Patients, Psychology, Death, Psychological aspects, Adjustment (Psychology), Cancer, Psychological aspects

The effect of coping style on death anxiety and psychological distress in early and late stage cancer patients

Church work with older people, Older people, Religious life, Deaconesses, Lutheran Church, Deacons, Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church

Lutheran diaconal ministry and elder care chaplaincy

Psychological child abuse, New York (State), Child welfare, New York (State), Child welfare, Psychological child abuse, New York (State)

The identification and examination of psychological maltreatment in a New York State Child Protective Services sample

Aversion, Rape, Public opinion, College students, Attitudes

The relation between disgust sensitivity and rape myth acceptance

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