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Women athletes, Psychology, Self-preception, Stess (Psychology), Adjustment (Psychology)

A qualitative analysis of the coping style of elite female athletes in response to performance slumps

College students, Suicidal behavior, Suicide, Depression in adolescence, Life change events, Psychological aspects, Stress (Psychology), Broken homes, Psychological aspects

Negative life stress, depression, and family structure as predictors of suicidal ideation in college students

Church work with criminals, Catholic church, Criminals, United States, Public opinion, Mass media and criminal justice, Case studies, Mass media and criminal justice, Case studies, Catholics, United States, Attitudes, Criminal justice, Administration of, Religious aspects, Christianity and justice, Attitude Change, Roman Catholicism

Catholic attitudes toward criminal offenders and related criminal justice issues

Control (Psychology) in old age, Depression in old age, Life care communities, Psychological aspects, Locus of control, Older people, Mental health

Locus of control as a predictor of depression among older adult residents in lifecare communities

Maturation (Psychology), Religious aspects, Medical personnel, Ethics, Religion and ethics

The role of faith maturity in moral reasoning of medical students, residents/fellows, and attending physicians

Psychology, Religous, Spirituality, Psychology, Counseling psychology, Spiritual life, Jesuit, Spiritual life, Jesuits

In search of an Ignatian psychology

Psychotherapist and therapist, Mustaches, Psychological aspects, Empathy, Beards, Psychological aspects

Client perceptions of the theraputic relationship in relation to empathy and therapists with facial hair

Neurolinguistic programming, Spirituality

Come home to your self, come home to your heart

Mental health, Religious aspects, Personality, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Medicine, Religious aspects

Openness to experience as a moderator of the relationship between faith maturity and mental health

Women, Psychological testing, Women, Spiritual life, Sentence Completion Test, Emotional Maturity, Human Females, Psychological Development, Spirituality, Adult Development

The psychological development and spiritual development of women

College students, Religious life, Spiritual direction

Embodying grace and procuring hope

A phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of moral injury and religious coping among Catholic women post-abortion

Prison psychology, Prisoners, Attitudes, Pre-release programs for prisoners, Criminals, Rehabilitation

MCMI-II profiles and demographic variables as predictors of pre-release program success

Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Comparative studies, Depression, Mental, Image of God, Psychological aspects, Psychology, Religious, Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Comparative studies, Depression (Emotion), God Concepts, Religiosity, Religious Personnel

Depressed mood in religiously committed persons

Bereavement, Pyschological aspects, Brothers and sisters, Death, Psychological aspects, Death, Psychological aspects, Grief, Dual-Process Model of Coping with Bereavememt, Experiences in Close Relationships Scale, Inventory of Daily Widowed Life, Relationship Assessment Scale, Electronic dissertations

Attachment, coping, and relationship satisfaction following the loss of a sibling

Women, Psychology, Eating disorders, Alcoholism, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Eating disorders, Psychological aspects, Ego (Psychology)

Ego grasping in women as related to alcoholism and eating disorders

Graduate students, Health behavior, Quality of life, Self-help techniques, Stress (Psychology), Electronic dissertations

Handbook on self-care and psychological wellness for graduate students in the mental health professions

Lucid dreams, Self-perception

Lucid dreaming frequency

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