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Behavior modification, Maryland, Baltimore, Classroom management, Maryland, Baltimore, Problem children, Education, Maryland, Baltimore, School children, Mental health services, Maryland, Baltimore, Electronic dissertations, Loyola University Maryland, Department of Psychology, Dissertations

Behavior management and disruptive behaviors in elementary schools

Understanding the impact of church crises and conflicts on Korean immigrants’ resilience

Corporal works of mercy, Church work with the poor, Catholic Church, Church and social problems, Catholic Church

Doing works that offer mercy

Meaning (Philosophy), Religious aspects, Evaluation Psychometrics, Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Evaluation, Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments, International Personality Item Pool-50, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, Psychological Well-Being Scale, Self-Report Altruism, Sense of Coherence Scale-13, Temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale, Electronic dissertations

A cross-cultural psychometric evaluation of the assessment of spirtuality and religious sentiments in mainland China

Probable PTSD, depression, and political belief in veterans Of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Short-term memory, Memory disorders, Hollinghead's Four-Factor Index of Social Position, Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents, fourth edition, Conners Parent and Teacher Rating Scales-Revised, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third edition, Woodcock-Johnson III Test of Achievement, NEPSY

Working memory in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

The role of identity as a moderator in the relation between social withdrawal subtypes and emerging adults' romantic relationship characteristics

The efficacy of an online gatekeeper training program in college students

The effects of fat talk on body dissatisfaction, self-esteem, mood, eating behavior, and interpersonal closeness

Understanding hoarding from a terror management perspective

The predoctoral internship crisis

Health Belief Model, Health behavior, Adherence Determinants Questionnaire, General Adherence Scale, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

A test of the Health Belief Model

The relationship between health principles and practices of Seventh-day Adventists, sanctification, personality, and subjective well-being

Impact of acculturation on mental health stigma in Bosnian immigrants and refugees

Play, Religious aspects, Christianity, Psychology, Religious, Electronic theses

From the spirit of play to the play of the spirit

Speech-language pathologists' perceptions of their academic preparation for providing dysphagia services

Grief, Psychological aspects, Bereavement, Psychological aspects, Nuns, Psychology, Nuns, Social networks, Extraversion, Religiousness, Texas Revised Inventory of Grief, Social Support Questionnaire, NEO Personality Inventory-Revised, Spiritual Well Being Scale

The impact of social support, spirituality and extraversion on grief symptoms in women religious

Resilience predicts emotional distress and treatment referral acceptance for refugees and asylees

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