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Faith development, College students, Religious life, College students, Attitudes, College students, Conduct of life, College students, Psychology, Faith Maturity Scale (FMS), National College Health Assessment, Mini-International Personality Item Pool Scale, Purpose in Life Test, Electronic books

Exploratory study of spiritual development and psychosocial growth in college students as emerging adults

Preiests, Social networks, United States, Spiritual life, Catholic Church, Monasticism and religious orders, United States, NEO Five-Factor Inventory, Catholic Church, Clergy, Clergy, Pscyhology, Clergy, Religious Life, Psychological research, Faith development, Interpersonal relations

Spirituality and fraternity

Personality assessment, Riso Enneagram Type Indicator, Enneagram, Typology (Psychology), Faith development, Psychometrics, Spirituality, Test Reliability, Test Validity

A psychometric evaluation of the Riso-Hudson Type indicator (RHETI), version 2.5

Children, Religious life, Girls, Religious life, Child psychology, Religious aspects, Faith development, Christian education of children

Facilitating growth in pre-adolescent girls

Catholics, Religious life, Public workshop, Catholics, Psychology, Religious, Faith development, Catholic Church, Liturgy, Eucharist, Catholic, Religious Affiliation, Religious Practices, Roman Catholicism, Faith

The relationship between religious faith maturity in Roman Catholic adults and their perceptions of eucharistic liturgy

Developmental psychology, Religious aspects, Christianity, Faith development, Child development, Meaning (Philosophy)

Loving God, loving neighbor, loving me

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