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Rape victims, Psychology, Rape victims, Self-esteem, Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Changes in You that Have Come from Your Efforts to Recover From the Rape, Religion Scale, Spiritual Well Being Scale, Electronic dissertations

Post-traumatic growth in rape survivors

Emotional maturity, Emotional maturity, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Awareness, Religious aspects, Self-actualization (Psychology), Religious aspects, Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, Spiritual Transcendence Scale, Mini-International Personality Item Pool Scale, Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRA-scale), Personal Growth Scale

Mindfulness and spirituality as predictors of personal maturity beyond the influence of personality traits

Couples, Husbands, Marital Satisfaction, Spirituality, Wives

A marriage between two perceptions

Forgiveness, Psychological aspects, Forgiveness, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Moral development, Virtue, Psychological aspects, Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments, 50-Item IPIP (International Personality Item Pool), Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRA-scale), Family Forgiveness Scale, Tendency to Forgive Scale

The roles of family forgiveness and spirituality in adolescent moral functioning

Faith, Spirituality, Mental health, Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Religious and spiritual competency in mental health practitioners

Children and violence, United States, Violence, Psychological, African American children, Psychology, African American teenagers, Psychology, African American children, Religious life, African American teenagers, Religious life, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Urban youth, United States, Social conditions, Children's Report of Exposure to Violence, Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale

Religious beliefs as moderators of violence exposure in predicting well-being for African American adolescents

Sex, Religious aspects, Christianity, Spirituality, Psychology, Religious, Sexuality, Test Reliability, Test Validity, Christianity, Rating Scales

Further validation of the sexual-spiritual integration scale

African American men, Attitudes, African American men, Psychology, African American men, Religious life, Violence, United States, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Violence, United States

The African American male and violence

Marital Relations, Marriage Counseling, Religion, Spirituality

Objective and perceived spiritual and religious compatibility as predictors of marital functioning

Older people, Religious life , Aging, Religious aspects, Gerontology, Biographical methods, Reminiscing in old age, Counseling, Life review, Religion, Spirituality, Geriatric Patients

Spiritual life review in the elderly

Teenage girls, Respect, Spirituality, Body weight, Image of God

The role of spirituality in the internalization of objectification and eating disorder symptomatology in women

Older people, Religious life, Catholic Church, Aging, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Faith-based human services, Spirituality, Catholic Church

Enhancing the aging process through Ignatian spirituality

Spirituality, Catholic Church, Terminally ill, Pastoral counseling of, Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint 1491-1556

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola as a spiritual tool for the dying

Spiritual life, Psychological aspects, Nuns, Counseling of, Nuns, Mental health, Nuns, Attitudes, Aging, Pastoral counseling, Research, Age Differences, Catholics, Nuns, Spirituality

The impact of spiritual transcendence on the well-being of aging Catholic sisters

Psychology, Religous, Spirituality, Psychology, Counseling psychology, Spiritual life, Jesuit, Spiritual life, Jesuits

In search of an Ignatian psychology

Neurolinguistic programming, Spirituality

Come home to your self, come home to your heart

Mental health, Religious aspects, Personality, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Medicine, Religious aspects

Openness to experience as a moderator of the relationship between faith maturity and mental health

Women, Psychological testing, Women, Spiritual life, Sentence Completion Test, Emotional Maturity, Human Females, Psychological Development, Spirituality, Adult Development

The psychological development and spiritual development of women

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