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Behavior modification, Maryland, Baltimore, Classroom management, Maryland, Baltimore, Problem children, Education, Maryland, Baltimore, School children, Mental health services, Maryland, Baltimore, Electronic dissertations, Loyola University Maryland, Department of Psychology, Dissertations

Behavior management and disruptive behaviors in elementary schools

Meaning (Philosophy), Religious aspects, Evaluation Psychometrics, Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Evaluation, Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments, International Personality Item Pool-50, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, Psychological Well-Being Scale, Self-Report Altruism, Sense of Coherence Scale-13, Temporal Satisfaction with Life Scale, Electronic dissertations

A cross-cultural psychometric evaluation of the assessment of spirtuality and religious sentiments in mainland China

Health Belief Model, Health behavior, Adherence Determinants Questionnaire, General Adherence Scale, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

A test of the Health Belief Model

Energy medicine, Bereavement, Treatment, Touch, Therapeautic use, Psychotherapy, Grounded theory, Mind and body, Spiritual healing, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The experiences and effects of healing touch as compared to psychotherapy on a bereaved population

Psychosexual disorders, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Gender identity, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Catholic Church, Clergy, Sexual behavior, Priests, Psychosexual development, Sexual abuse, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Clinical and statistical classification of sexual disorders

Rape victims, Psychology, Rape victims, Self-esteem, Religiousness, Psychological aspects, Spirituality, Psychological aspects, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Changes in You that Have Come from Your Efforts to Recover From the Rape, Religion Scale, Spiritual Well Being Scale, Electronic dissertations

Post-traumatic growth in rape survivors

Motivation in education, Children with social disabilities, Education, United States, Education, Urban, United States, Education, Parent participation, Optimism in children, Resilience (Personality trait) in children, Perceived Parental/Guardian Education Involvement Scale, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations, United States

The role of optimism, parental involvement, and social support in contributing to academic and emotional resilience

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Testing, Learning disabilities, Testing, Rorschach test, Rorschach inkblot test, Electronic dissertations

Assessing processing and social deficits in children with LP and ADHD using the Rorschach Inkblot Test

Clinical psychologists, Prescription privileges, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Prescription privileges

Emotions in adolescence, Music therapy, Music, Psychological aspects, Adjustment (Psychology), Adolescent psychology, Stress Questionnaire, Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support, Music Usage and Impact Questionnaire, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Music and its use as a coping mechanism among late adolescents/emerging adults

College freshmen, United States, Psychology, College students with disabilities, United States, Stress (Psychology), Behavior Assessment System for Children, Second Edition, College Freshmen, Psychology, College students with disabilities, United States, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Surviving the freshman year

Coming of age, Maturation (Psychology), Masculinity, United States, Young men, United States, Psychology, Masculinity, Young men, Psychology, United States, Electronic dissertations, Age differences, Phenomenology

Re-visioning rites of passage in postmodernity

Alexithymia, Masculinity, Psychological aspects, African American men, Psychological aspects, Sex role, Psychological aspects, Gender Role Conflict Scale, Male Role Norms Inventory, Multidimensional Inventory of Black Identity, Toronto Alexithymia Scale-20, Electronic dissertations

Masculinity, gender role conflict and normative male alexithymia in African American males

Verbal behavior, Testing, Neuropsychological tests, California Verbal Learning Test-Second Edition, Delis-Kaplan Executive Functioning System, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Test order effects

Marriage, Psychological aspects, Marriage, Religious aspects, Mate selection, Five-Factor Model of Personality, Marital Adjustment Test, Marital Instability Index, Mini-International Personality Item Pool Scale, Spiritual Transcendence Scale-Revised, Electronic dissertations

The incremental validity of spiritual transcendence as a predictor of marital satisfaction and mate selection

Parents of autistic children, Social networks, Parents of autistic children, Family relationships, Stress (Psychology), Austistic children, Services for, Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Parent vision, Parenting Stress Index, Short Form, Autisim Social Support Helpfulness Rating Scale, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Examining parents of children with autism's perceptions of helpfulness of autism-related social supports and reasons related to perceived helpfulness

Aggressiveness in adolescence, Emotions, Self-control, Adolescent psychology, Children's Social Behavior Scale-Self Report, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Relational aggression in adolescents

Depression in adolescence, Stress in adolescence, Teenage girls, Mental health, Adjustment (Psychology) in adolescence, Problem Questionnaire, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Interpersonal stress and depression in adolescent girls

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