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Global learning in practice

Social skills in adolesence, Parent and child, Adolescents, Family relationships, Middle school students, Family relationships, Fostering of Autonomy Scale, Affective Quality of Attachment Scale, Teenagers, Family relationships, Electronic theses

The relation between parent-child attachment and early adolescents' friendship quality

Speech disorders, Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

School-based speech-language pathologists' perceptions of training and competence for telepractice service delivery

Memory, Recollection (Psychology), Conformity, Comrey Personality Scales, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The misinformation effect and its relation to conformity as a personality construct

Discerning sanctity

Mary as priest

Psychosexual disorders, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Gender identity, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Catholic Church, Clergy, Sexual behavior, Priests, Psychosexual development, Sexual abuse, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Clinical and statistical classification of sexual disorders

The premonitory urge for tics scale

The relation between perceived parents' religiousness and their emerging-adult children's psychological adjustment issues by way of perceived marital functioning

Families, Parenting, Psychology, Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Criando Niños

Perception, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Eyewitness accounts, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Eyewitness identification, Psychological aspects, Sex differences, Recollection (Psychology), Sex differences, Sex differences (Psychology), Shyness Scale, Brief Fear Of Negative Evaluation Scale, Emotion Regulation Questionnaire, Richmond Humor Assessment Questionnaire, Aspects Of Identity Questionnaire

Witness and co-witness gender and misinformation as related to eyewitness memory

Academic theses

Instagram #fitspo

Meta-analysis of the posttraumatic stress disorder checklist

Spiritually multicultural applications of mindfulness-based interventions (MBI)

Clinical psychologists, Prescription privileges, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Prescription privileges

Sick, Pastoral counseling of, Cross-cultural pastoral counseling, Hospital patients, Pastoral counseling of, Electronic theses

The shifting role of healthcare chaplaincy

Emotional maturity, Emotional maturity, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Awareness, Religious aspects, Self-actualization (Psychology), Religious aspects, Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, Spiritual Transcendence Scale, Mini-International Personality Item Pool Scale, Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRA-scale), Personal Growth Scale

Mindfulness and spirituality as predictors of personal maturity beyond the influence of personality traits

The efficacy of an online gatekeeper training program in college students

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