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Finding God in all things

Memory, Recollection (Psychology), Conformity, Comrey Personality Scales, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The misinformation effect and its relation to conformity as a personality construct

Patient activation, perceived stress, and medication adherence in urban African American patients with uncontrolled hypertension

The association between adolescent attitudes toward aggression and social behavior

Gratitude, Religious aspects, Gratitude, Psychological aspects, Bipolar Adjective Rating Scale, Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments, Affect Balance Scale, Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form, Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRA-scale), Purpose in Life Test, Elevation Scale (Haidt), Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The functions of God-minded gratitude versus impersonal gratitude in spiritual and psychological systems

Viewing television

Psychotherapy, Practice, Psychological aspects, Psychoanalytic interpretation, Psychotherapy, Philosophy, Psychotherapists, Psychology, Psychotherapists, Training of, Psychotherapy, Study and teaching, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Personal and professional influences on the development of theoretical orientation during graduate training

Gay men, Psychological testing, Gay men, Mental health, Cognition disorders, Memory, Psychological testing, Depression in men, Stroop Color and Word Test, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, Trail Making Test, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, Stroop Task, Trailmaking Test, Electronics theses

The relation between depressive symptoms and neurocognitive functioning in a cohort of HIV seropositive and HIV seronegative men who have sex with men

Voice disorders in youth, Women athletes, Psychology, Electronic theses

A comparison of personality traits between female high school athletes with and without vocal cord dysfunction

Spirituality, meaning, and positivity as predictors of posttraumatic growth within and beyond the broaden-and build theory of positive emotions

Homelessness, Women, Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Understanding service engagement among women experiencing housing instability

Substance abuse, Self-perception, Academic theses

Substance use in romantic relationships

Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Role of future expectations in adjudicated adolescents' offending and substance use behaviors

Academic theses

Instagram #fitspo

Attitude change, Multicultural education, Mental health personnel, Attitudes, Mental health personnel, Training, Electronic dissertations

An examination of attitudes and attributions

Clinical psychology, incarceration, Parent child relationship, incarceration, Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Qualitative exploration of parent-child relationships of children with incarcerated fathers

Electronic dissertations, Academic theses

Effectiveness of a mindfulness intervention with college athletes

Sex, Religious aspects, Christianity, Homosexuality, Religious aspects, Christianity, Sexual rights, Academic theses

The sacredness of coming out

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