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Thomas Jefferson

Educational Quality, Mathematics Achievement, Music Education, School Enrollment, Secondary Enrollment, Educational Programs, Correlation, Secondary School Students, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Competition, Music Activities, Comparative Analysis, Scores, Influences, Standardized Tests, Effect Size, Mathematics Skills, Statistical Analysis

Mathematics achievement among secondary students in relation to enrollment/nonenrollment in music programs of differing content or quality

School principals, Leadership, Rating of, Maryland, Reading (Elementary), Maryland, Reading (Middle school), Maryland, Literacy programs, Maryland, Planning, Educational leadership, Maryland, Principal's Support for Reading Instrument (PSRI), Knowledge Level, Leadership, Middle Schools, School Principals, Students, Reading

Leadership and reading

Educational surveys, Methodology, Educational surveys, Design, Teachers, Foreign, In-service training, Educational Programs, Professional Development, Psychometrics, Public School Education, Teachers, Statistical Validity, Teaching

Establishing the validity and reliability of the survey identifying the professional development needs of international teachers

Teaching teams, Academic achievement, Maryland, Children with disabilities, Education, Maryland, Learning disabled children, Education, Maryland, Academic achievement, Children with disabilities, Education, Learning disabled children, Education, Academic theses, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

Does the use of co-teaching models in algebra result in an increase in student achievement among students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers?

Leadership Style, Perception, Rural Environments, School Superintendents, Schools, Educational Measurement, Transformational Leadership, Governance, Rural Areas, Job Performance, Boards of Education, Rural Schools, Organizational Cultural, Likert Scales, Administrative Attitudes, Conflict, Power Structure, Mail Surveys, Demography, Satisfaction, Misconceptions, Accountability, Statical Analysis

A descriptive study of superintendents' and school board members' perceptions of the superintendent's leadership in rural districts in three Mid-Atlantic states

An analysis of the relationship between the self-reported shared leadership practices of Maryland elementary school principals and African-American student performance on the Maryland School Assessment

Mentoring in education, Teacher, In-service training, Teacher, Self-rating of, Teacher, Social networks, Electronic dissertations, Employment, Learning Activities, Teacher Certification, Secondary School Teachers, Beginning Teachers, Professional Development, Teaching Methods, High Schools, Teacher Education, Teacher Attitudes, Teaching Models, Likert Scales, Teacher Collaboration

Novice teachers' perceptions of preparedness to teach by certification route

Elementary School Teachers, School Principals, Human Females, Personal Values, Quality of Work Life, Career Development, Assistant Principals, Women Administrators, Females, Work Environment

Career paths of female elementary assistant principals

Teacher Education, Educational History, Public School Teachers, United States History, Teachers, Schools, Sons, Journal Writing

The Sons of Bridgewater

College Faculty, Teacher Attitudes, Service Learning, College Instruction, Oral History, Educational History

Faculty perspectives on the challenges and benefits of providing service-learning pedagogy in higher education

Islamic education, United States, Muslims, United States, History, 20th century, Muslim women, United States, 20th century, Women and religion, United States, Sex role, United States, Islamic School of Seattle, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations, Baltimore Islamic Community School, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, School of Education, Dissertations

Muslim mothers

Adolescent Development, Educational Programs, School Based Intervention, Teaching

The stretch Lexile band

Academic achievement, Middle school principals, Middle school teachers, Teacher effectiveness, Teacher-principal relationships, Electronic dissertations, Teacher Sense of Efficacy Scale, Junior high school teachers, Practice, Work experience, Analysis, Teaching satisfaction, Analysis

The impact of principal leadership behaviors on the efficacy of new and experienced middle school teachers

College ready? A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of AVID, GEAR UP, and Upward Bound on college degree completion

Cognition, Mathematics, Middle School Students, Music

Background music and cognitive learning effects in mathematics with middle school students

Gifted, Middle Schools, Mathematics, Middle School Students, School Administrators, Student Attitudes

The impact of elementary gifted mathematics programming

An analysis of technological attitudes and self-efficacy among K-12 teachers following the emergency remote teaching used during COVID-19

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