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Special education teachers, In-service training, Maryland, Individualized education programs, Maryland, School improvement programs, Maryland, Alternate Maryland School Assessment (Alt-MSA), Electronic books, Electronic dissertations, Classrooms, Professional Development, Special Education, Teacher Attitudes

The effects of professional development for the Alt-MSA

Communication Skills, Metaphor, Reading Comprehension, School Based Intervention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Educational Strategies, Reading Instruction, Reading Comprehension

Effectiveness of instructional strategies in reading comprehension for students with autism spectrum disorder and hyperlexia

Interdisciplinary approach in education, Critical thinking, Art, Study and teaching (Secondary), Influence, Art in education, English, Study and teaching (Secondary), Electronic dissertations, English high school assessment, Art education, High school education, Language proficiency

The effect of visual arts education on at-risk students' critical thinking skills and the Maryland English II High School Assessment

Development of an instrument to ascertain teachers' use of CFIP as a tool for improving classroom instruction and learning

Engaging students in the assessment process

Academic achievement, African American college students, Emotional intelligence, Bar-On Emotional Quotient Test: Short, Electronic dissertations, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition, Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, Subject Demographic Survey

Exploring the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement in African American female college students

Educational evaluation, Maryland, Educational evaluation, New Jersey, Educational leadership, Maryland, Educational leadership, New Jersey, Electronic dissertations, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Leadership Role

The perceived roles, responsibilities and situational leadership qualities of NCATE coordinators in Maryland and New Jersey

Educational leadership, Maryland, Educational planning, Maryland, School principals, Maryland, Academic theses, Electronic disseratations, College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Department of Education, Dissertations

The difference between the actual and ideal priorities of school principals in a Mid-Atlantic state

Exercise, Intervention, Weight Loss, Health Behavior

The effect of a holistic wellness program on workplace health and productivity in a government environment

Teaching Teamwork to College Students through Cooperative Learning

A matter of trust

Marc Chagall The Russian Alice in Wonderland

Teaching the ESL nursing student

Academic achievement, United States, Brain, College attendance, United States, College freshmen, United States, College student orientation, United States, Community colleges, United States, Locus of control, Adult Nowicki-Strickland Internal-External Locus of Control Scale, Course Practices Survey, Instructional Strategies Survey, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The relationship between locus of control and brain research-compatible instructional strategies

Educator perceptions regarding the presence of four contextual factors for high-quality professional development in Maryland middle schools

Principals, Administrator attitudes, Organizational communication, School administration, Interprofessional relationship, Preferences, Interpersonal communication, Surveys, Perception, Scientific Communication

Principals' perceptions of methods of receiving professional communications

Mathematics Achievement, Parent Child Relations, Parental Role, Racial and Ethnic Groups, Social Support

An investigation of Black, Hispanic, Asian, and White, non-Hispanic students' mathematics achievement and a multidimensional concept of parents' social support using the ECLS-K database

Music, Psychological aspects, Music, Physiological aspects, Music in education, Academic achievement, Mathematical ability, Analysis of variance, Electronic dissertations, Algebra/Data Analysis High School Assessment, Adolescent Development, Algebra, Middle Schools, Music Education, Teach

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