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Human Figure Drawing Test, Sex role

Females' sex role ratings as a diagnostic interpretation of first drawn human figure drawings

Down syndome, Children with mental disabilities, Means of communication, Apraxia, Speech disorders in children

The nature of developmental apraxia of speech in school-aged children with Down Syndrome

Caregiver relationship quality and coparenting as predictors of children's social skills

Autism traits in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and their relation to executive functioning

Bullying in the workplace, Psychological aspects, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2)

Bullying and aggressive behaviors in the workplace

Attitude (Psychology), Psychotherapy

Attitudes toward psychological disorder

Relations among religious orientations, religious affiliations, and prosocial motivations in emerging adults

Interpersonal attraction, Redheads

Physical attractiveness and hair color

Stereotypes (Social psychology), Eyewitness identification, Race discrimination, Psychological aspects

The effects of racial stereotypes and misleading information on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony

Elementary school principals, Religious aspects, Catholic elementary schools

Side trips into wisdom

Older people, Religious life, Catholic Church, Aging, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Faith-based human services, Spirituality, Catholic Church

Enhancing the aging process through Ignatian spirituality

Parents of children with disabilities, United States, Psychology, Parents of children with disabilities, United States, Attitudes, Developmentally disabled children, United States, Children with disabilities, United States, Psychology, Adjustment (Psychology), Positive psychology, Children with disabilities, Psychology, Developmentally disabled children, Parents of children with disabilities, Attitudes, Parents of children with disabilities, Psychology, United States

Positive aspects of parenting a child with a disability

Parenting, Parent and adult child, Families, Parental influences, Parenting Style Index, Experiences in Close Relationships Scale, Inventory of Interpersonal Problems

Perceived parenting styles, adult attachment styles, and adult interpersonal functioning

Gender differences in adolescents' progression from onitiation of opioid use to heroin injection

Psychoanalytic counseling, Psychometrics, Data processing, Behaviroal assessments, Data processing, automatic text processing, psychotherapy, dissertation abstract

Comparison of verbatim transcripts and psychoanalytic process notes for emotion tone, abstraction, and referential activity using computerized text analysis methods

Leadership, Ability testing, Armed Forces, Officers, Training of, Students, Psychology, Students, Religious life, United States, Navy, Officers, Training of, United States Naval Academy, Students, Psychology, United States Naval Academy, Students, Religious life, United States Naval Academy, United States,Navy

Interactive effects of religious practice and personality profile in the development of successful military officer trainees

Caregivers, Psychology, Adjustment (Psychology), Children with disabilities, Care

Influential factors of coping in caregivers of young children with special needs

Loneliness, Loneliness, Religious aspects, Social isolation, Adjustment (Psychology)


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