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Social skills and wellbeing for emerging adults

The relation between perceived parents' religiousness and their emerging-adult children's psychological adjustment issues by way of perceived marital functioning

Resilience of Asian women married to white men after the relational trauma of infidelity

Gay youth, Psychology, Lesbian youth, Psychology, Bisexual youth, Psychology, Homophobia, Homosexuality, Psychological aspects, Internalized Homophobia Scale, Kinsey's Sexual Orientation Scale, Gay-Related Stressful Life Events Measure, Openness Inventory, Electronic theses

A relation between internalized homophobia, sexual orientation openness, and gay-related stress among gay youth and lesbian youth

Ageism, Psychological aspects, Anxiety About Aging Scale, International Personality Item Pool, Aging Opnion Survey, Electronic theses

Personality traits as contributing factors in negative attitudes toward older adults

Resiliency (Personality trait), Fire fighters, Job stress, Fire fighters, Psychology, Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale, PTSD Checklist-Civilian, Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, Psychotherapy Outcome Assessment and Monitoring System, Electronic dissertations

Incidence of probable PTSD and symptoms of depression, along with predictors of resiliency, well-being and life functioning in response to traumatic events that have occurred as part of routine job functioning in a sample of firefighters

Juvenile delinquency, Psychological aspects, Teenage girls, Psychology, Electronic dissertations

Neuropsychological and psychosocial factors that predict delinquency in adolescent girls

Social skills in adolesence, Parent and child, Adolescents, Family relationships, Middle school students, Family relationships, Fostering of Autonomy Scale, Affective Quality of Attachment Scale, Teenagers, Family relationships, Electronic theses

The relation between parent-child attachment and early adolescents' friendship quality

Holistic medicine, Hospices (Terminal care), Patients, Music therapy, Spiritual healing, Electronic theses

An exploration of the benefits of music in hospice care

Internalized homonegativity, spirituality, and personality

The effectiveness of a youth social skills intervention and predictors of outcome

Men, Religious life, Masculinity, Religious aspects, Christianity, Men (Christian theology), Electronic theses

A map for the masculine spiritual journey

Spirituality and religiosity as personality factors in emerging adults

Women prisoners, Pastoral counseling of, Pastoral counseling, Ignatius, of Loyola, Saint, 1491-1556, Electronic Theses

Ignatian spirituality in prison

Sex, Religious aspects, Christianity, Spirituality, Psychology, Religious, Sexuality, Test Reliability, Test Validity, Christianity, Rating Scales

Further validation of the sexual-spiritual integration scale

Memory, Recollection (Psychology), Conformity, Comrey Personality Scales, Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The misinformation effect and its relation to conformity as a personality construct

Gratitude, Religious aspects, Gratitude, Psychological aspects, Bipolar Adjective Rating Scale, Assessment of Spirituality and Religious Sentiments, Affect Balance Scale, Gratitude Questionnaire-Six Item Form, Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRA-scale), Purpose in Life Test, Elevation Scale (Haidt), Electronic books, Electronic dissertations

The functions of God-minded gratitude versus impersonal gratitude in spiritual and psychological systems

The association between adolescent attitudes toward aggression and social behavior

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