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Middle-aged women, Psychology, Women college students, Psychology, Middle-aged women, Education (Higher), Middle-aged women, Psychology, Classroom Environment, College Environment, Peer Relations, Personality Development, Psychosocial Development, College Students

A longitudinal analysis of growth and development among middle-aged women participating in a non-traditional college curricula

Clinical psychologists, Prescription privileges, Rural mental health services

Prescription privileges and rural need

Down syndrome, Articulation disorders in children, Diagnosis, Speech, intelligibility of

Descriptive patterns of articulation and phonological processes in children with Down Syndrome

Psychotheraphy, Religious aspects, Psychology, Religious, Psychiatry and religion

A phenomenological perspective and discovery of participants' experiences in religious-oriented therapy

Depression in adolescence, Depression, Mental, Etiology, Femininity of God, God, Motherhood, Femininity, God Concepts, Identification (Defense Mechanism), Major Depression, Menarche, Adolescent Development

Impact of identification with God as generative on post menarche adolescent depression

Drawing, Psychology of, Aggressiveness

The relationship between direction of aggression and human figure drawings

Locus of control, Twelve-step programs, Social networks, Alcoholism, Treatment, Alcoholics Anonymous

The relationship between participation in twelve-step support groups and locus of control

Indonesians, Cultural assimilation, Self-esteem, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Seminarians, Psychological testing, National characteristics, Indonesians, Ethnology, Indonesia, Indonesia, Social conditions, Catholic Church, Indonesia, Clergy, Catholic Church, Clergy, Psychology, Demographic Characteristics, Roman Catholicism

The impact of western influence, status, and selected demographic variables on the self-esteem of three ethnic Indonesian groups of Catholic seminarians

Nuns, Spiritual life, Well-being, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Nuns, Psychology, Human body, Religious aspects, Spirituality, Catholic Church, Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire, Sanctification of Body Scales, God Image Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Affect Balance Scale

Spirituality and the embodied self

Neurolinguistic programming, Women, India, Psychology, Dalits, India, Psychology, Psychology, Applied

Empowering women through neuro-linguistic programming

Stress (Psychology), Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Problem solving, Religious aspects, Catholic Church, Image of God, Psychological aspects, Holy Spirit, Psychological aspects

The incremental validity of religious problem-solving styles, image of God, and the image of the Holy Spirit as predictors of emotional distress

Preiests, Social networks, United States, Spiritual life, Catholic Church, Monasticism and religious orders, United States, NEO Five-Factor Inventory, Catholic Church, Clergy, Clergy, Pscyhology, Clergy, Religious Life, Psychological research, Faith development, Interpersonal relations

Spirituality and fraternity

Experiences of American soldiers returning from Iraq

Femininity, Sex role

The relationship of learned helplessness, depression, and sex roles in college females

Adult child abuse victims, Malta, Psychology, Adult child abuse victims, Religious life, Malta, Adult child abuse victims, Family relationships, Malta, Adult child abuse victims, Pastoral counseling of, Child Abuse, Early Memories, Family Relations, Religious Practices, Sexual Abuse, College Students

The impact of child abuse on the psycho-spiritual status, religious behavior, and family dynamics of Maltese college students

Elementary schools, Sports, Psychological aspects, Self-esteem, Testing, School sports, Sports, Psychological aspects

The relationship between the self-esteem of youth sport participants, total playing time during a game, social support, and athletic competence

Marriage, Social aspects, Marriage, Psychological aspects, Commitment (Psychology), Marriage counseling, Marriage, Religious aspects, Marital Relations, Rating Scales, Test Construction, Test Validity, Marriage

Development and validation of the commitment to partnership scale

The cosmic and anthropological planes of deification according to Saint Maximus the Confessor

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