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Probable posttraumatic stress disorder and related factors in veterinarians who perform euthanasia

People with mental disabilities, Examinations, Behavioral assessment, People with mental disabilities, Examinations

An investigation of the validity of the Behavior Checklist

Cognition in children, Self-deception, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Third Edition (PPVT-III)


Academic Dissertation, Academic theses, Thèses et écrits académiques

L'Etat C'Est Moi

Risk-taking (Psychology), Testing, College students, Alcohol use, Psychological aspects, Depression, Mental, Testing, Anxiety, Testing, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification (AUDIT), Multiscore Depression Inventory (MDI), Adult Manifest Anxiety Scale for College Students (AMAS-C)

Negative affect and risk behavior

Million Adolescent Clinical Inventory, Heroin abuse, Maryland, Personality assessment of teenagers, Teenagers, Drug abuse, Interpersonal relations in adolescence, Heroin abuse, Maryland

Path of initiation differences in female adolescent heroin use

Managed mental health care, United States, Psychology, Study and teaching (Graduate), Evaluation, Doctoral students, Education, Evaluation

Doctoral students' perceptions of training and preparation to practice under managed care

The effects of respectability related stereotypes on responsibility allocation in cases of rape

European Americans, Ethnic Identity, East Indian Americans, Ethnic Identity, Chinese Anericans, Ethnic Identity, Spirituality, Sociological aspects, Forgiveness, Sociological aspects, Well-being, Sociological aspects

Role of culture and ethnicity in spirituality's influence on subjective well-being and forgiveness over and above personality

Children, Preparation for dental care, Audio-visual aids, Children, Dental care, Psychological aspects, Dental public health, Psychological aspects, Dentist and patient

Public health dentistry and reduction in children's dental anxiety with modeling and instructional videotapes for use in the dental office and public school system

Counseling, Technique, Mexicans, Counseling of, Americans, Counseling of, Counselor and client, Cross-cultural counseling

Counseling style preferences between two different cultural groups

Parents of autistic children, Autism in children, Parent and child

Examining parental perceptions of children's autistic behaviors on parental feelings towards their children

South Asian Americans, Ethnic identity, South Asian Americans, Cultural assimilation, South Asian Americans, Psychology, Cultural Values Conflict Scale, Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure, Asian American Identity Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale

The relation between ethnic identity, cultural dissonance and life satisfaction among second generation South Asian Indian Americans

The relation between positive self-expansion, negative self-expansion, and relationship satisfaction

Alcohol, Physiological effect, Testing, Brain stimulation, Brain, Localization of functions, Psychophysiology

Increased right hemisphere function with alcohol intake in humans

Overt versus relational aggression and victimization as predictors of nonsuicidal self-injury in early adolescents

The relation between abuse and externalizing and internalizing problems in an inpatient sample of children and adolescents

African Americans, Marriage, Religious aspects, African Americans, Marriage, Psychological aspects

Soul mate or no mate

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